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AAs a subcontractor to Leidos, MD Franks has supported the NATO Special Operations Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluations (ETE&E) program since 2018. In the fall of 2019, MD Franks was tasked with the Course Author role for the NATO Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) Staff Course. When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, MD Franks was instrumental in converting the NATO SOCC Staff Course to an eLearning version that could be delivered remotely.  This course served as the test program for this eLearning effort and was the first NATO Special Operations University (NSOU) course to be converted from live to virtual training and delivered remotely.  We tested various IT platforms and delivery methods through multiple iterations of the course, including GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Zoom, and Cisco Webex.  We developed and delivered eLearning lessons using the Articulate RISE software platform and the Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL) system, the NATO Learning Management System (LMS) which is very similar to Blackboard. After this success, MD Franks was asked to take over the Course Author role for the NATO SOF Evaluation Course, and has held this position since the start of 2021. MD Franks personnel were instrumental in developing several new courses for NSOU, including the Comprehensive Defence course and Maritime SOF Task Unit and Task Group courses.  MD Franks also plays a major role in the exercise support for NATO SOF, and has several people who have been asked to be the lead on various  exercises, from planning phase to scripting to exercise execution.  Because of our success and commitment to supporting the team, MD Franks was invited by Leidos to be an active participant in developing the recompete proposal for this contract in 2023, to include sitting on the review board. 



Our team includes operationally experienced instructors with international, national, and regional expertise. Each of our instructors adds their own experience to the lessons to ensure the highest quality and most effective training. They clearly define learning targets and engage, motivate, and expand the intellectual capacity of all students. Some of the instructor critiques received from clients and students include:

Your Instructor “…possesses a deeper comprehension than almost anyone else…” – Deputy Course Director, NATO SOF Evaluation (SOFEVAL) Course, June 2023

“Instructor feedback and real life experience are a key to better understand the lesson.” – Student, NATO SOFEVAL Course, June 2021

“[The instructor] is clearly an expert in instructing in an online medium.” – Customer Evaluator, Education Specialist, Leidos

“The personal anecdotes from the instructors really helped bring the subject matter to life!” – Student, NATO Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) Staff Course, September 2021

“We have had zero issues with the Expense Reports from MD Franks. Thank you for your efforts – they are much appreciated!” – Leidos Deputy Program Manager

“We truly appreciate MD Franks taking on [a requested new employee] at short notice… we recognize the team work and appreciate it!” – Leidos Deputy Program Manager

"For me this [course] is extra special, as building capability in the Nordics is directly influencing the situation in my home country. You guys helped make the region safer as well, something I greatly appreciate.”   NSOU Course Director, December 2023

The Allied Special Operations Forces Command (SOFCOM) J7 proudly presents the SOFCOM vignettes created by the Exercise Support Team during the Trojan Footprint (TFP) MEL/MIL event (December 2023) as the hallmark of what vignettes should be, saying he “…couldn’t be happier.”

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