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NATO ETE&E Training Support

Since 2018, as a subcontractor to Leidos, MD Franks supports the NATO Special Operations Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluations (ETE&E) program, providing Education, individual and collective Training, and Exercise Support. Our SMEs, who are graduates of the NATO SOF Instructor Training Course, work with NATO allies at the NATO Special Operations University (NSOU), the NATO Joint Warfare Centre, other NATO HQs and training sites, and National SOF training sites.  In addition to instruction a variety of NSOU courses, MD Franks provides the Course Author/Lead Instructor for three specific courses.  In addition to supporting NSOU courses, MD Franks supports various parts of the Allied Special Forces Operations Command (SOFCOM) exercise program, including helping the NATO Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) HQ plan and conduct exercises for NATO Response Force (NRF) certification and other interoperability training and education.  As part of this NRF certification effort, we have participated in Battle Staff Training (BST), Crisis Response Planning (CRP), MEL/MIL scripting events, and assisted the SOCC Response Cell as part of the Exercise Control element during exercise execution.  We also worked on the teams that developed a new SOFCOM handbook for SOCC Exercise Response Cells, a new Maritime SOF manual, and updates to the SOCC manual, as well as a new near-peer scenario used across NSOU courses.

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SERE Training

MD Franks provides a Survival, Evade, Resist, Escape (SERE) instructor pool to a NATO allied nation to provide the required NATO interoperable skills to survive and resist across the full spectrum of exploitation situations. We meet all instructional requirements for theoretical and practical portions of SERE including resistance to exploitation training. Our instructors cover subjects including SERE related mission planning; SERE Immediate Actions (IAs); covert survival; evasion and escape tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs); the CAF code of conduct after capture (resistance to exploitation); and extraction/recovery.

Exercise Support

MD Franks provided a Maritime SOF SME with extensive exercise planning experience to support a multi-national US Northern Command exercise with our Reticle partner.  Support included internal team planning and participating in the exercise Main Planning Conference and Scripting events.

Curriculum Development

In addition to NATO ETE&E training support, MD Franks supports curriculum development for NSOU Courses.  We have been on teams that developed entirely new courses, going through the ADDIE process and creating a complete set of courseware.  Our Course Authors lead curriculum updates and course revisions.  MD Franks also provides technical writing and editing support. This includes formatting, editing, verifying references, coordinating with course authors to confirm curriculum objectives are met, and ensuring consistency for all course materials, consisting of student manuals, instructor manuals, PowerPoint slides, and supporting Microsoft Word documents converted from PDF format. Courses supported include Building Special Operations Forces, Special Operations Forces Evaluation, Digital Media Exploitation, and Special Operations Air Planning. 

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